If two people decide to separate or divorce, we assist you in this difficult step. A divorce means the end of a lifelong dream that has been created permanently and must now be considered as having failed. What a partner interprets as liberation may look on others as a personal failure, or feel lonely and abandoned. A lasting gentleness and goodness of the separating partners towards each other is part of the goal of a succesful divorce and we as a community stand by the partners with words and deeds.
It is the firm conviction of our community that both men and women, or the same-sex partners of a marriage, can individually file for divorce. If wished by a spouse or both, a religious divorce can be done with us in the mosque. However, we only carry out this religious divorce after there is a public divorce certificate, which means the marriage has already been legally divorced. Thus, both the waiting period and custody are regulated by civil law and are not challenged by us.

Marriages that have been closed only religiously have no legal effect in Germany. However, as there is an increasing number of inquiries from people who have been religiously married in their home countries and for whom religious divorce is spiritually important, we also offer these people divorce in our mosque in the presence of witnesses. Such a divorce has only a religious effect.

If you have questions or need further advice, please contact our Imam Mohamed El-Kateb: mok@irg-moschee.de

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