Institute for a progressive Islam

We are currently working on the establishment of an Institute for Progressive Islam. This institute aims to connect two important academic areas, thus closing a scientific gap. On the one hand, the Competence Center aims to conduct research around the topic of liberal Islam and progressive interpretation of the Koran. The point is to advance the scientific debate in Islam without thinking and to commission studies on topics that until now have only been considered conservative. These include, inter alia, inter-religious marriages and partnerships, homosexuality and the role of women. The second area will be dedicated to teaching, in order to pass on the knowledge gained in further education events. In the first place, pedagogues, social workers, politicians and public administration staff are in the focus of the qualification for the prevention of deradicalisation. In a further step, Islamic scholars and theologians will also be trained to support progressive communities worldwide.

For further questions about this project please contact Marlene Löhr (

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