“And one of his signs is that he created partnerships for you of yourself, so that you can find peace among them, and he has placed love and mercy between you: these are truly messages for reflective people.”

(Koran Sura 30 verse 21)

gold-colored bridal ring set on pink rose flower bouquetIf there are two people who love each other and value each other, we are happy to facilitate your Islamic or inter-religious wedding. Your families, relatives and friends are also very welcome on this important day.
It is assumed that at least one of the two partners is Muslim. It is completely irrelevant what sexual orientation the persons have. However, we do not conduct marriages until the couple is officially married under public law.

In addition, we issue marriage certificates, if wished. Nevertheless, we do not tolerate polygamy and marriages that would violate public law (for example, marriages with minors).

If you want to get married in our mosque or have further questions, please contact our Imam Mohamed El-Kateb:

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