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In the name of the merciful and graceful God, who has created the human beings in their diversity, the corporation should contribute, to arrange the cohabitation of people of Islamic faith in Germany, according to the rules of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations and the Basic Law for the Federal Republic of Germany. In the process not only men and women, but also the different orientations of Islam, such as Sunnis, Shiites, Alevis and other orientations of Islam, as well as people of all sexual orientations and identities, should be completely equal in all relations.


The religious basis of the association is a secular liberal Islam that separates secular and religious power (din wa daula) and strives for a contemporary and gender equality interpretation of the Koran and hadiths.

The corporation sees itself in the tradition of historical thinkers of a liberal, enlightened Islam like RUMI (Mevlana) and Ibn Rushd. Their teachings are based on love as the main force of the universe, but also on reason and self-responsibility. The following verse is attributed to RUMI (Mevlana):

Come over! Come over! Whoever you are!

Even if you are idolater or fire worshiper.

Come again! This is the door of hope not hopelessness.

Even if you have broken your promises thousand times.

Come over! Come again!

Furthermore 7 pieces are coming from Him to whom we will commit ourselves,

The 7 pieces of RUMI (Mevlana) are:

1. Be generous and helpful like a river

2. Be compassionate and merciful like the sun

3. Be like the night while covering the mistakes of others

4. Be like a dead man in rage and excitement

5. Be humble and simple like the earth

6. Be like the sea, forgiving and forbearing

7. Either show yourself as you are, or be as you show yourself

In addition, a platform should be created for the teachings of believers, Sufis and other Islamic scholars who made an effort for tolerance and peace among dissidents.

Well-known Islamic scholars, stood with their lives and their work for the bridge build between Islam and the enlightenment, always striving for tolerance and world peace. Not to forget the marvelous Johann Wolfgang Goethe. A poet and philosopher, who discovered in Islam the love for nature and God in the nature.

Especially in these times of the 21st century, in which Islam has increasingly been associated only with terror, we see it as our task to show that Islam of course is compatible with democracy.

It is a special matter of concern for us to educate our children to be tolerant and open people, who meet other people with love, curiosity and understanding. In this sense, our mosque should be a place of diversity where love and faith in the loving and merciful God unites us.

Of course are our doors also open to those who are committed to monotheism (Judaism and Christianity), to those who believe in other Gods, and also to those who don’t believe in God to enter into a dialogue with us. The belief in God, who has created everything includes this to our view.

You can download the PDF version of the preamble here.

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