What we do

The “Contact Point for Islam and Diversity“ is based on four pillars and he lighthouse project is formed this four areas.

Spiritual shelter – The Ibn Rushd – Goethe Mosque

LGBTIQ * Muslims often encounter a hostile attitude full of incomprehension among people with a Muslim background, so that they are confronted with inflamed conflicts more and more often.

Through the Ibn Rushd – Goethe Mosque we offer queer Muslims a spiritual shelter in which they can feel that they are an equal part of their religious community and in which there is no discrepancy between sexual identity and religiosity. A space in which everyone can exercise their faith without being confronted with displeasure. A space that doesn’t force anyone to make a decision between sexuality and religiosity, carefree and free. In addition, the room is also open to LGBTIQ * Muslims who have said goodbye to their religion and who now want to talk about it with a feeling of inner conflict.

The mosque also carries out services such as marriages, divorces or funerals for queer Muslims. Those events that accompany a person in the most important moments of his / her life can be celebrated in the Ibn Rushd – Goethe Mosque with loving consideration of the individual wholeness of everyone.

Muslim pastoral care for queer Muslims

We are the first mosque in Germany to offer a counseling center that explicitly deals with the combination of Islamic religion and sexual orientation.

Pastoral care is aimed specifically at people who are unclear about their own identity and sexuality and may also be plagued by feelings of guilt that arise from their socialization and a previous religious understanding. The offer includes theological and spiritual counseling with the aim of being able to experience oneself as a fully-fledged and complete wholeness, which shows that (in addition to the minor and major human flaws.

,, You, just as you are and how God created you, are right and wonderful. ‘‘

Contact and exchange on the subject of LGBTIQ * and Islam

A.I.D. creates a platform that enables space for exchange, discussion and dialogue in various formats and aimed at a broad audience. We create a network with relevant actors * in the LGBTIQ * scene and create concepts for dialogue and exchange formats that do justice to the broad field of people, organizations and institutions and thus enable new knowledge and approaches at the intersection of Islam and diversity. Furthermore, workshops and training opportunities will also be part of our program.

There are no taboo topics! Religion and diversity can be thought together and we will show that it is possible to deal professionally and theologically with questions of sexual diversity.

We want to show how successful this dialogue is and can be.

Collection of knowledge and expertise

There is an urgent need to make knowledge accessible to a wide audience because there is hardly any knowledge on the subject of Islam and sexual diversity within the Muslim community as well as in academia and in advisory or aid organizations; especially not in the German-speaking area. We want to remove this white spot.

We will develop and translate international brochures and publications on the subject for the German area. In exchange with interdisciplinary and international researchers, a collection of knowledge, results and professional competence is created, which can then in turn be transferred and made accessible to everyone.

Collecting, creating and sharing knowledge: We will create a new discourse and shape the previous one. We want to move society!

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