This is an opinion piece by Atiye Joodavi.

Nathan Dumlao

Being a woman who is being admired for who she isneeds thousands of lonely moments and sleepless nights struggling with your feelings and broken heart, fightingwith every single belief, and drowningloads of Criticisms, scandals and aversioninside you.

In a traditional society change has two specificmeanings: -and +.

-positive is transformationfrom modern to traditional.
-And negative is the other way around.

All the struggles start when you initiatethe negative change. People who you love will treat you scornfully and obnoxiously unfair. Everyone will try to wreck your motivation and hope by devastating and distressing your soul. You will receive a black look from almost everyone around you. You can never expect any help because the whole society is there to break you down by its expectations, traditions and taboos. You will feel pressed, isolated, lonely and torn apart.

But all is over when you are out of your cocoon.

Wow….you will walk into a new world. World of wonders, wildness, beauty, love and passion. You do feel like a new born baby hungry and strive for adventure. You will seek for new ideas and knowledge in every impossible situation. You will move around looking at unrevealed realities. You will get insight into the soul of the universe. You will be free and be called a free bird. To sum up, you will be in harmony with universe and absorb the real taste of happiness and freedom.

Yeah. This is how it is. And this is why it is worth going through all this.

That seems idealistic, yes but it is realistic because I did it. So it is possible. You just need to do it. Decide, believe and do. Do not let anything or anyone dissuades you. Keep going and going. Do not look back till you are there. I do not tell you about the invigorating feeling of victory and success of change because you will getit.

Ati 🙂

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