„Women of Medina“ – School workshop

Islam has a much broader range of roles that women in society can take than those known and proclaimed today. Already at the time of Muhammad there were women who worked as imams, who went to war or who were very successful as businesswomen. All of this has been forgotten over the centuries.
With this workshop, we want to make long-forgotten Islamic heroines visible again and show the students that there are very different role models in Islamic history to orient themselves to. It will also be about understanding and questioning the urgency of strong patriarchal structures in Islam. Because many regulations – especially on the role of the woman – were created many centuries after the death of the Prophet Mohammad.
The workshop is based on the book “The Women of Medina”, published by the Ibn Rushd-Goethe Mosque together with the Danish Islamic scholar Jepser Petersen.

If you want to offer such a workshop in your school or If you have questions on this topic, please contact Mohamed El-Kateb.

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