September 6, 2019 um 18:00 – 19:00


Almost every Friday, Muslims from all over the world visit us for Friday prayers because they are passionate about our inclusive approach and want to experience prayer in that special, uniquely spiritual atmosphere.

At the same time it is a pity for them that they often can not understand the German sermon (Khutba).For the Friday prayer at 2:00 pm we will continue to keep German the language of the service. Because as a community we have deliberately and unequivocally decided to have a good basis for all parishioners and to be transparent towards the German public.

Each and every one (no matter what religion or belief) is welcome to come to our prayers on Fridays, listen to the sermon and participate in the ensuing discussion on the theme of the sermon.

At the same time, we want international guests to feel comfortable with us and to have the experience of an inclusive Muslim worship. Therefore, we have decided to offer an English service once every month (on the 1st Friday). This is led by our Imamin Susanne Dawi. 

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